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If you live in Nevada and do not have insurance at the moment or you buy your own, then you may want to find out whether you are eligible for the Affordable Care Act. If you are not eligible, you may need to compare private health plans to find the best one for you. READ MORE >>

Many families in Nevada often struggle to pay for the cost of health insurance, with data from the Kaiser Family Foundation suggesting that as many as 18.05% of residents are uninsured. However, a number of families can qualify for health insurance programs that are subsidized by the government. READ MORE >>

Obamacare affordability or Affordable Care Act are dependent on several things. These are, your age, where you live in Nevada, whether you smoke, whether you qualify for a subsidy and the level of coverage you choose. The ACA is specifically for families who are not currently covered by any form of job-based health plan. READ MORE >>

There are a wide range of issues that affect Nevada state resident's overall health. Although Nevada has struggled with several challenges related to health care,Nevada ran its own Nevada Health Insurance Exchange. Nevada is also one of the few states that have expanded Medicaid and proactively tried to get health carriers to get a their plans certified on the exchange. READ MORE >>

Who would not like to hit the jackpot when it comes to insurance policies? Think how it will be if we could get an insurance policy that asks the minimum premium from us every year, but gives us a huge bonus at the time of paying compensations? READ MORE >>

One of the most critical issues being faced by the citizens of the state of Nevada and Las Vegas in particular is that of health insurance or health care coverage. With all the importance being stressed on health insurance by public officials and on television, Las Vegas remains to be one of the ... READ MORE >>

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